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Alumni Career Day

We provided 16 alumni to speak about their careers to 8th grade students. The purpose of Career Day is to showcase successful career choices, while helping 8th grade students find a career path. The speakers represented a wide range of careers. Students were allowed to select and rate their choices before career day.

The 2014 speakers and their careers are listed here:

Todd Hugen.JPG
Todd Hugen
Tim Davis (skype).JPG
Tim Davis
Ray Wilson.JPG
Ray Wilson
Randy Rothfus
Kylie Davis.JPG
Kylie Sloan Davis
Adam Sieren.JPG
Lynzey Kenworthy.JPG
Lynzey Tharp Kenworthy
David Bailey.JPG
David Bailey
Jared Newman.JPG
Jared Newman
Nate Callahan.JPG
Nate Callahan
Michelle Sandbulte.JPG
Michelle Roach Sandbulte
John Williams.JPG
John Williams (Iowa Firefighter of the Year, 2014!)

Jennie Smith.JPG
Jennie Smith
Jennifer Olson.JPG
Jennifer Parker Olson
Kristi Buttrey.JPG
Kristi Buttrey