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Stars For Tomorrow Recipients - Kale Guenther and Lucas Kozak! Each took home $100 for being Safe, Tolerant, Accountable and Responsible.
Lucas K..jpg
Lucas Kozak

Kale Guenther

Hall of Fame Inductees- Dr. Rand Toney '66 and Jack Reynolds '70!
Rand and Kay.jpg
Introduction by Laura Kay Toney Orlich, and inductee Rand Toney
Donna Westberg and Jack Reynolds - better.jpg
Jack shown with classmate Donna Adair Westberg, who introduced Jack.

Bob Sweeney - guest speaker.jpg
Guest speaker - Bob Sweeney. Speaking for the 75th year of 1941, was William Schooler, Sr. and Phyllis Epps Mason. 50th year, Class of '66 response came from class president, Dennis Rothfus. 25th year, Class of 1991, was represented by Trena Goode McCraine.

Annesa and Kayla.jpg
Annesa Conrad Bergstrom presents the CHS Cares honor to recipient Kayla Kain Price.

We raised funds for 23 scholarships this year!! The CHS Cares Scholarship was presented in honor of Kayla Kain Price.
Mariah Sadler.jpg
Mariah Sadler, daughter of alumni Missy Miers and Kenny Sadler, winning the Jack Fry Memorial for $1000.

Nicholas Klier.jpg
Nicholas Klier wins the Duane and Peg VanPatten Memorial for $2000!

Tanner HInders.jpg
Tanner Hinders receives the Foulke Family Scholarship for $1000.

Adam Van Gorp.jpg
Adam Van Gorp, received the Marie Handley Janes scholarship for $2500

Tom Prall and Andrew Hill.jpg
Tom Prall presenting his honorary scholarship for $1000 to Andrew Hill.

Thomas Burgett and Noelle.jpg
Noelle Radechel shown with a scholarship donated by Dr. Thomas Burgett for $1500

Pat Reynolds and Tyler Donovan.jpg
Patricia Reynolds presenting the Class of '51 scholarship to Tyler Donovan for $500

Bob Sweeney and Alison Burris.jpg
Alison Burris receiving the Class of '55 scholarship for $500, from Bob Sweeney.

Bill Wittkowski and Clair Birchmeir.jpg
Claire Birchmier receives the Class of '66 scholarship for $1800, from Bill Wittkowski.

Donna Westberg and Brandon Short.jpg
Donna Westberg presenting the Class of '70 scholarship for $550 to Brandon Short.

Morgan Nelson and Judy Russell.jpg
Morgan Nelson receives the Class of '71 scholarship for $700 from Judy Russell

Jeannie McKeever and Cody Woodruff.jpg
Jeannie McKeever, presents the Class of '79 scholarship for $500 to Cody Woodruff.

Phyllis Killen and Rachael Voboril.jpg
Rachael Voboril receives the Class of "90 scholarship from Phyllis Killen.

Kelly Penman, Jr. and Taylor King.jpg
Kelly Penman, Jr., presents the Class of '93 Jarrod McCaughey Memorial scholarship for $600, to Taylor King

Matt Snyder and Max McCay.jpg
Matt Snyder presents the Class of '93 Garrett Polley Memorial scholarship for $600 to Max McCay

Joe Crowley.jpg
Joe Crowley receives the Craig Petre Memorial scholarship for $1000

Frank Norton, Luke Sinclair, Pam Snyder.jpg
Luke Sinclair receives the Peg Norton Memorial scholarship for $500, pictured with Peg's husband Frank and daughter Pam Snyder.

Annesa and Mackenzie Lose.jpg
Mackenzie Lose receives the Susan Ferrell Memorial scholarship for $1100 from Annesa Bergstrom, from the Class of '94.

Gabby Schnathorst.jpg
Gabby Schnathorst receives the Carla Lawson/Dwayne Barton Teacher Memorial scholarship for $1000

Vicktoria Yanouskiy.jpg
Vicktoria Yanouskiy receives the CHS Alumni scholarship for $2000

Randy Kain and Colten Miller.jpg
Randy Kain presents the Ray Kain Memorial scholarship for $1000 to Colten Miller

Kayla Kain and Joanna Wachal.jpg
Joanna Wachal receives the Kayla Kain, CHS Cares scholarship, for $1000

Group one.jpg
scholarship recipients

group two.jpg
rest of the scholarship recipients for 2016!!