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Each year, a class will be hosting an all alumni reunion around the 4th of July. Contact Alumni if you have questions!

Highlights of the 2015 Bash!! Winner of the poker run was Chris Stickley and winning the scavenger hunt was Brenda Overton Wolfe!! Congrats guys! We ran a photo slideshow at the VFW as well this year. The 4th of July committee gave us free drink tickets to distribute to alumni with admission to the dance! Thanks to the committee! The dance was terrific - great weather and a great band! We invited staff this year and were thrilled to see Scott Long and Rex Fowler!!

The winning poker hand.jpg
Sarah and Blake Wyckoff dancing.jpg
Sarah Smith Wyckoff and hubby Blake Wyckoff
The Bash committee.jpg
Bashers - Judy Russell, Nadine Kohn, Brenda Wolfe and Denise McCauley
Shoning Clan.jpg
The Shoning clan!

Rex Fowler & Meredith Churchill.jpg
Meredith Churchill Christenson and Rex Fowler.
Rex Fowler Kelly Penman Jr. and wife.jpg
Rex Fowler with Kelly Penman, Jr.

Deanna Williams and Mike Davis.jpg
Deanna Galloway Williams and Mike Davis
Larry Thompson.jpg
Larry Thompson helped with the poker run!

Todd Prall.jpg
Todd Prall and friends
Tim Rice.jpg
Mr. Tim Rice!

Here is the invite for 2014!!

Highlights of the 2014 BASH!! Thanks to the Class of '79 for hosting the event! Winner of the Poker Run, was Mike Olson, Class of '86. He won a $20 gift certificate with a winning hand of a pair of queens and a pair of eights. Wendy Johnson, Class of '79, also won a gift certificate in the "Where in the Bash?" photo contest. She correctly identified nine photos from the four establishments that welcomed the alumni bashers! Thanks to Cal's (who also provided a game of bags for us to play), VFW, The Stadium View and Back Alley. Great food and generous people.

Thanks to the Class of '78 for hosting the bash in Hartford in 2013!!! Thanks as well to the Hartford Sportsman's Club for the eats and hospitality!!