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Stars For Tomorrow Recipients!!

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Congrats to Max and Braxton!

Guest speaker - Joe Wimp, Class of 2000

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Celebrating the classes! 1939 with Mary Jane Justus Riemenschneider, 1964 Don and Jane Oshana Wckoff, 1989 Kerri Gooding Warren.

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Shag Grossnickle attends the banquet at age 99! What a treat - he plays golf every day. He shared his a prized quote to the 2014 graduates - "Sometimes it's better to stay silent and look stupid instead of saying something and proving it!"
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Hall of Fame inductee - Dan Crum, Class of 1977. Introduced by his niece Shannon.
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Honor Roll recipients: Jerry Lane, Ed Owens, Don Kline, Dan Crum Kerrie Gooding Warren, Mary Jane Justus Riemenschneider, Patricia Betzer Willemssen. Thanks to these generous alumni who donated $500 over a 5 year period or less.

Scholarship Recipients ( read here about the recipients )

Dylan Dunn – Jack Fry $1000
Katelyn Kozak – Van Patten $1000
Taylor Hammond – Foulke Family $1000
Bradley Hydorn - Jerry Triplett $500 and presented by nephew Dan Crum
Andrew Workman – Marie Handley Janes $2500
Mary Grace Wachal – Tom Prall $1500
Seth Hammond - Red Crum $1000
Brianna Stoever - Class of ’63 $600and presented by Dean VanRyswk '63
Aaron Olson - Class of ’64 $700 and presented by Danny Roach '64
Katie Berg - Class of ’71 $600 and presented by Judy Bruce Russell '71
Sarah Cummings - Class of ’89 $500 and presented by Kerri Gooding Warren '89
Grace Burgin –presented by and in honor of Mary/Regina Conrad Sinclair CHS Alumni Cares $1000 (About the CHS Alumni Cares Honorees)
Spencer Endecott- presented by and in honor of Joe Wimp CHS Alumni Cares $1000
2008-12-31 23.00.00-128 - Copy.jpg
Danny Roach Class of '64 presenting to Aaron Olson
2008-12-31 23.00.00-131 - Copy.jpg
CHS Alumni Cares scholarship to Grace in honor of Mary and Regina Sinclair
2008-12-31 23.00.00-130 - Copy (2).jpg
Class of '89 scholarship presented to Sarah from Kerri!
2008-12-31 23.00.00-129 - Copy (2).jpg
Class of '71 scholarship presented to Katie from Judy.

2008-12-31 23.00.00-125 - Copy (2).jpg
Bradley received the Jerry Triplett memorial scholarship presented by nephew Dan.
2008-12-31 23.00.00-111 - Copy (2).jpg
Two of the most loyal alumni members!! John Janes and Pat Reynolds.

Dean presenting the Class of '63 scholarship to Brianna
Andrew received the Marie Handley Janes scholarship for $2500